Hello and Welcome to the world of RooDoodleDoo!

This space is for everyone who loves everything art and Nature.

The beautiful flora, fauna and wildlife on Earth are fast disappearing. RooDoodleDoo attempts to preserve this for the future generation so that they grow up learning and exploring the importance of Nature.

We also create premium personalized art for each one of you. So that you can give a physical form to your cherished memories with your loved ones and keep it with you forever.

About the illustrator:

Fortunate enough to have gone to a school nestled in the lap of the Ganges, where peacocks danced unabashed, snakes slithered around the trees and nilgais jumped over the goal posts in the playground. Nature played a major role in the formative years of Roopal’s life.

RooDoodleDoo is her attempt to combine her passion for visual arts and nature to create collectibles for adults and children.

Roopal likes to believe that elephants are her soul animal :P
She loves to travel to small and quaint towns with a bit of culture, history and lots of natural beauty around.